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Using Word to write an accessible mathematical document

Workshop CETL-MSOR 2019

This workshop was delivered at CETL-MSOR 2019. It might be used again and other people are welcome to use it if it is helpful.

The plan

  1. Background: Technical requirements
  2. Introduction: What makes a Mathematical document accessible?
  3. Part 1: Tour of an accessible document
  4. Part 2 in pairs/groups: Use tools to find issues in this document
  5. Part 3: Get started fixing an inaccessible document or creating an accessible one!
    • Summary of your basic aims
      • You might have a document you want to fix
      • Or you might want to start writing a document and test what you do
      • Or come up with your own fix of the inaccessible document linked above
    • Discussion: What three things will you do differently from now on?